For Bodegas Zifar, the quality of the final product is based on the exhaustive care of our vineyards in Pesquera del Duero, the rigorous selection of the product during the harvest, the soils and altitudes that make up the Denomination of Origin “Ribera del Duero “, complete a wonderful annual production of over 100 thousand bottles of Tinto Fino.

We maintain a close relationship and commitment between our winemakers, farmers, and vines; this trilogy generates a balance that is shown in the final product.


Once the vineyard is ready for harvest, it is done by hand and it is transported to the cellar in boxes of 15 and 20 kg where after passing through a selection table to destem and squeeze slightly. Once the wine has been harvested, a pre-fermentation maceration is carried out, where the work of vigorous pumping is started for the extraction of the noble components of the grapes as soon as possible, continuing more smoothly during the alcoholic fermentation at controlled temperature.

After the fermentation is finished and the maceration time is decided, the skins are discovered and pressed. In the new wine, malolactic fermentation is promoted and when the fermentation ends, the wine is reared in barrels during the appropriate time for each of the references.

For wines of the highest range, the wine discovered is transferred directly to new barrels of French origin, giving the malolactic fermentation inside the barrel, which contributes a greater complexity and quality to the wine.

After several racking and passed the clarification, with the already clean wine, it is bottled and labeled for its release to the market.