El Caballero Zifar

Bodegas Zifar owes its name to the first novel of chivalry that is preserved written in Spanish in the form of Spanish prose, “El Caballero Zifar” by an anonymous author, although some attributed it to a certain Ferrand Martinez, scribe, notary and sealer in the time of Alfonso X in Toledo. The text is dated year 1300.

It was copied for the library of Enrique IV of Castile, which explains the extreme luxury of the same one. At his death, it passed to the possession of Isabel I. Around 1526, it was in the library of Margarita of Austri, and in 1565 in the one of Maria of Hungary, sister of the emperor Carlos V. Then, in 1796, it arrived in Paris, when Napoleon admired it and collected it in the Imperial Library, which became, as of 1871, the National Library of France and where it remains to this day.

The book “El Caballero Zifar” is the story of a gentleman who had a wife, Grima, and two sons, Garfín and Rodoán. He was a very good knight but he had the misfortune that his horse would die every ten days and was forced to leave the kingdom in which his ancestors had been kings … this is how the play begins, and it continues with numerous adventures of Caballero Zifar and his family .